I’ve been writing every since my mother told me to sit down and shut up. I have written a little bit of everything. Presently, I’m into ancient aliens and science fiction. My stories are more of a military sci-fi/space opera than hard science. I have two novels in this genre. One, “Hard Kill,”  is nearing completion.

The other is “Cadet Adam.” It’s new and it’s available on Amazon in both eBook and print edition. It’s part of the Uplifter series that I have launched. In the planning stage is “Lt. Athtari.”

Also nearing completion is the Audible version of “Science Fiction Fantasies.” Unlike most Audible books, “Science Fiction Fantasies” is presented in a radio drama format.  There will be ten episodes, each 12-15 minutes long. our actors and actresses are amazing.


Uplift is now Science Fiction Fantasies

Uplift got a facelift.  My first child on Amazon has grown up.  As I have grown as a writer, I realized that Uplift, while fun to write and will always have a warm spot in my heart, needed to be improved.  It grew into Science Fiction Fantasies.

Instead of two stories there are currently five:

An Act of Kindness – Insectoids of the Hive are sent on a mission to exterminate a failed experiment.

Cyborg Rebellion – Become a cyborg or else! So decree the transhumanists

Day of Beginning – Are life sustaining planets being seeded?

Trial by Demon – This one is a fantasy story. I include it because it is really good.

Logs and Personal Recollections – Ba’al’s Journal

The next revision (I promise, this will be the last one.) will have ten stories.  I’m taking out the bulk of the journal, leaving only the  last section. My Crazy Uncle Ba’al.  I am adding:

Lupe’s Reunion – Thought an orphan, Lupe is reunited with her father.

Farewell my Friends, Goodbye – Astronaut Mark Steele gets selected for the first Mars mission.

Free Grass and Green Fronds for All – Grasshoppers try to protect their field from locusts.

Road to Damascus – Playing God with other species, the Nephilim encounters the real thing.


Science Fiction Fantasies will also be my first venture into radio dramas.  upon completion, it will be made available on Audible.  Check out the first selection.

Of course they are still available in the standard two forms.

Ta Recht

Novella length sequel to Shem’s Quest.  It was written for my Capstone class at OU.

Lies, love, and intrigue.
Bob, a pixie-like Nem Elt-til and First Created of Tierra, goddess of the Central Lands, basks in his glory. The Heartstone has been raised. Tierra has taken her rightful place as head of the Goddess’ Council.
Defeat does not sit well with Mieze, the goddess of the Western Lands. She plots anew. Shem, Bob’s friend and warrior-hero of the Central Lands, has the larvaling seed within him. He will become a minion of Mieze if one of the First Created does not remove the curse.
Bob does not know enough, the First Created of the West won’t remove it and Gai, First Created of the East withdraws her offer to do so. If Shem brings his talisman, the Gedeelte, into the East, it will break ancient laws and trigger the Undoing of the First Created. Despite the risk, a party from the Central Lands plans to enter the Eastern Lands to implore Gai to change her mind.
On the eve of departure, Bob’s magic awakens. He is afflicted by the Ta Recht, a form of magical puberty, and wakes up in the Eastern Lands. There he finds strange magical creatures, the Teacher, and Mieze’s plot for revenge.

Cadet Adam

 A military space opera in a coming of age adventure.

The Ninharsug Award for Science is rarely given. Adam has won it. With it he can choose his future. Rebelling against his parents, Adam follows his crib-mate, Evie into the Fleet Academy. Once there he falls afoul of the Psychic Wing, the menacing new branch of Space Fleet, who has recruited Evie. He is determined to save her.

But first he must save himself. The Psychics plan to usurp the throne of the Ancient of Days, leader of the Most High Federation of Planets, and Adam stands in their way.