Hard Kill

» Honorable Mention from the 2022 London Book Festival

» Honorable Mention from the New England Book Festival

» Firebird Award Winner

It takes a lot of money to live forever. The Royal Council of Eris, home of Earth’s exiled Transhumanists, have solved the high financial costs. Fleshies are no longer needed to support the planet’s infrastructure. Controlled for over two hundred years by “soft kill” measures, the order is given to exterminate the Fleshies.

One family, the Henry’s, want to live. Can they stand against the Royal Council and a heartless government machine that intends to kill all Fleshies?  Available for purchase now!

“Anyone who loves to read action-packed sci-fi books should give Hard Kill a shot.”

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What's New with Bill Eckel

Hey Y’all,

Looking for a summer read? You’ve come to the right place. But before i get to that, apparently, I’m on my way to becoming a cyborg. While i have in the past had some parts repaired and stents implanted to keep my arteries open, this was the first time I had something replaced.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Patience, my friend, is like a fine wine,” I say.

“Even fine wine turns to vinegar over time, out with it.”

“Just trying to build a little suspense,” I mutter.

I underwent cataract surgery and have brand new lens. I am truly amazed at the difference. It brightens my entire summer outlook. What has this to do with summer reads? Nothing, so let’s get back to that.

I have a fine table set for you. Most recent, “Hard Kill.” It continues to place in numerous competitions. I guess that makes me an award-winning author.

Then there is “Shem’s Quest.” It is lagging somewhat in sales, but that will change when “First Created,” the second of a four-book series, drops. I anticipate the end of summer. The cover is so cool.

Pleasingly enough, “Cadet Adam” still sells, especially in the UK. Thank you, thank you. I guess that makes me an international author. Who knew?  🙂

An interesting factiod, “Science Fiction Fantasies, Tales and Origins, vol 2” contains “tales” or “origins” from all three novels.

This smorgasbord comes in eBook, audiobook, and print. Bon Appetit and have a wonderous summer.




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I’ve been writing every since my mother told me to sit down and shut up. I have written a little bit of everything. Presently, I’m into ancient aliens and science fiction. My stories are more of a military sci-fi/space opera than hard science.

What’s funnier than the truth? Dollar Bill puts an exclamation mark on the old adage. “You can’t make this stuff up”. From the iconic “Yard Sale” to “Abducted” Dollar Bill takes a simpler look at life.