What's New with Bill Eckel


Hey y’all! I’m sure we have all heard the adage, “Rules are made to be broken.” Well, apparently schedules are too. I’m inviting you go to the books page. There you will see the new cover for Shem’s Quest which is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It is a little behind schedule, but still on track.

The recording date for Hard Kill has been pushed back to December, but First Created should follow on the heels of Shem’s Quest and be ready by Thanksgiving and in plenty of time to stuff those Christmas stockings. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. (I actually have one bordering my backyard and it does rise on occasion.)

That’s all for now. Buy Bill’s books and stay safe.


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I’ve been writing every since my mother told me to sit down and shut up. I have written a little bit of everything. Presently, I’m into ancient aliens and science fiction. My stories are more of a military sci-fi/space opera than hard science. I have two novels in this genre. One, “Hard Kill,” is soon to be released.

The other is “Cadet Adam.” It’s available on Amazon in both eBook and print edition.

What’s funnier than the truth? Dollar Bill puts an exclamation mark on the old adage. “You can’t make this stuff up”. From the iconic “Yard Sale” to “Abducted” Dollar Bill takes a simpler look at life.