I’ve been writing every since my mother told me to sit down and shut up. I have written a little bit of everything.

Presently, I’m into ancient aliens and science fiction. My stories are more of a military sci-fi than hard science. I have two novels in this genre nearing completion, hopefully by Christmas. That is the goal.

One of the novels is called, “Cadet Adam.” It’s part of the Uplifter series that I have launched. The series begins with “Uplift:Two short stories of creation.” (hint:think ancient aliens)


That is the basic question I ask in Uplift.  In the book I present two possibilities.  Both involve extra-terrestrials.

The first story introduces some of the characters that I further explore in an upcoming novel, Cadet Adam, which is the first novel of the Uplifter series. Click below to listen to the first minute of the book.

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Shem’s Quest

This one is fantasy fiction.  It is the first novel that I actually completed.  It is a “first novel”, but he’s my baby and I am proud of him.  He is also getting a revision and will be reissued later, maybe. Click the image to buy!

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