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My son, Daymon, has suspended his Let’s Play channel after eight years to focus on recording audiobooks. He’s starting with four of mine. He’s a good boy. And the equipment only cost me $1,200.00.



What’s funnier than the truth? Dollar Bill puts an exclamation mark on the old adage. “You can’t make this stuff up”. From the iconic “Yard Sale” to “Abducted” Dollar Bill takes a simpler look at life.847726014115med

  1. Yard Sale
  2. The Winston a.k.a. Nascar
  3. Musical Revue
  4. I Had To Pee
  5. Stuck In The Middle
  6. The Gym
  7. How Can Someone Stupid Be My Boss?
  8. Bubba’s On The Internet
  9. Abducted

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